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Design Management Consultancy Package

Greenfields Design Ltd offer a design consultancy package in which we will act on your behalf to oversee all aspects of the design process.  You will benefit from one contact point whilst we use our contacts and close working relationships with engineers, surveyors and timber frame manufacturers etc.

Feasibility Study

As part of our Design Management Consultancy Package we will prepare a Feasibility Study following the Concept Design stage. This will allow us to estimate a project budget based on the design, finishes and location of the plot. It will highlight likely costs and possible savings. The Feasibility Study includes the following sections:

  •   Abbreviated Cost Breakdown
  •   Design Assumptions
  •   Build Route (i.e. Self Build, Main Contractor, DIY Project Manager)
  •   New Dwelling VAT Description
  •   Additional Costs (i.e. Design Fee’s, Local Authority Fee’s, Utilty instalation Fee’s)

Specialist Information required to obtain Planning Permission & Building Warrant

The Local Authority will generally require information that needs to be provided by a specialist consultant.

We will contact each specialist and arrange for a quotation which we will then assess to ensure that they provide all the necessary information and details required for Planning and Building Warrant to ensure you are receiving the best possible service. The nformation required:

  •   Topographical Survey
  •   Flood Risk Statement or Assessment
  •   Noise Report
  •   Planning Justification Documentation
  •   Contamination Report
  •   Archaeological  Report
  •   Landscaping Schedule
  •   Site Investigation Report
  •   Drainage Design
  •   Structural Engineering
  •   SER Certification
  •   Timber Frame Engineering
  •   Timber Frame Design
  •   SAP calculations
  •   Air Tightness Testing
  •   Energy Performance Certificate

We will handle all conditions or queries that arise as part of your Planning and Warrant applications. We will also liaise directly with the local authority or its consultees when required. i.e. Scottish National Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.